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Chrysler readies Alloy Edition trims for 200, 300
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, looking to spark interest in two key Chrysler cars, plans special editions for the 200S and 300S that sport hints of Detroit's industrial might.

VW sued by N.J. over excess diesel emissions
New Jersey filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen AG and its luxury units over the German automaker's excess diesel emissions, becoming the fourth U.S. state to take legal action.

Auto brands hope famous faces pay off in Super Bowl ads
A buzzworthy celebrity appearance is often the price of admission for advertising on gameday, but not any celebrity will do.

Army marches forward with self-driving trucks
The U.S. Army is developing driverless trucks and could end up operating the largest fleet of autonomous vehicles. A key test comes this summer when the Army conducts road tests in Michigan.

Volume sellers they are not, but two-door cars keep coming
A wave of coupes is appearing in showrooms and at auto shows this year, even though the segment is declining in popularity.

For game day, Nissan changes the channel
Nissan's new college sports marketing campaign is its top priority this year. And that meant no Super Bowl ad.

Dealers pay high price with latest recall wave
Honda's order that U.S. dealers stop selling some 2.2 million popular models is compounding financial and regulatory headaches for car dealers stuck with millions of vehicles that have potentially hazardous airbags or other safety defects.

GM sacrifices rental sales to nab higher-margin business
GM is in the midst of a big cutback in sales to rental fleets, an effort that executives say is aimed at improving the bottom line, even if it stunts revenue or market-share growth in the short term.

Fiat Chrysler rollaway reports draw more NHTSA scrutiny
Federal regulators are escalating an inquiry over complaints that certain Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicles can roll away when a driver thinks the transmission has been set to park.

Christopher Walken was the only choice for Kia's Super Bowl ad
Only one person could've done Kia's 'Walken Closet' Super Bowl spot. Christopher Walken was the lone option. There was no Plan B.