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Detroit 3's share of rental fleet declined in 2015
GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler accounted for 60.1 percent -- their lowest collective share ever -- of the 1.78 million new cars and light trucks sold to rental fleets in 2015.

Cash for Nissan's preferred dealers
In its drive to grab a larger slice of the U.S. market, Nissan North America is quietly forming alliances with selected dealers who get favorable treatment, and sometimes millions of dollars, from the company.

Automakers opt for less TV time during Super Bowl
The Super Bowl was a little less sleek, sporty and horsepowered this year.

VW haunted by emissions lies as it faces tougher U.S. prosecutors
No one has died from the emissions-cheating software Volkswagen has admitted it installed in some of its cars, yet U.S. prosecutors may treat it more harshly than two automakers whose defective vehicles killed people.

VW dealership valuations slide; some smell opportunity
Volkswagen's diesel scandal has dinged the company's sales, profits and image. Now, as the scandal enters its sixth month with few signs of a resolution, the effects are trickling down to the value of its U.S. dealerships.

Suzuki quarterly operating profit up slightly; net profit outlook trimmed
Suzuki said operating profit rose slightly in the third quarter on healthy demand in India, but trimmed its full-year net profit outlook due to a tax-related issue.

Mexico auto production, exports rise in Jan. despite sharp drops at VW
Auto production in Mexico rose 0.4 percent in January 2016 compared with the same month last year, while exports were up 4.1 percent, the Mexican Auto Industry Association said today.

Nissan bolsters Sentra as gateway to the brand
Nissan says it spent three times as much as usual to give its 2016 Sentra compact sedan a midcycle freshening. The goal is to give newcomers more reason to stay with the brand.

Where Toyota, Lexus got their leaders
While Scion served Toyota as a test bed for marketing and retail innovations, it was also an effective proving ground for executives.

The inventory is too low? Oh, the irony
Wall Street analysts tend to keep a wary eye on automakers' vehicle inventory. If it creeps up, it can be a sign that profit-eroding incentives are coming to help move the metal.