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Bentley 8 Litre (1930-1931)

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Bentley 8 Litre (1930-1931)
8 Litre Engine. Chassis Years in production 1930 - 31. No. made : 100 Engine : 6-cylinder in-line configuration Bore & stroke : 110 x 140 mm c.c : 7,983 Transmission : Single dry-plate type clutch

..., 4 speed gearbox Chassis : Pressed steel parallel girder with 1 channel and 5 tubular cross members Dimensions : Wheelbase 144" or 156" Performance : Max speed 104 mph 167.3 km/h Neither before nor since has a production car of 8 litres capacity been built in the UK.The 8-Litre Bentley was outstanding when introduced in 1930, in spite of the writing on the wall threatening financial disaster.

An abundance of power was available and without the slightest difficulty the 8-Litre Bentley exceeded 100 mph 160 km/h. Being capable of this speed even when fully laden, meant that it could be counted among the elite of European motor cars. None of its English competitors, including the Phantom II, could match its performance.

The 8-Litre offered outstanding smoothness and flexibility. With fourth gear engaged it could accelerate from walking pace to top speed.All this was done without disturbing the occupants with undue commotion and fuss. The silky running, perfectly balanced engine was mounted on rubber mountings, the gearbox being similarly supported.Transferrance of vibrations to the chassis was thus brought to a minimum.

The overall production of the 8-Litre Bentley was limited to 100 examples. A price of £1,850 for the chassis was enough to generate a respectable profit; the pure production cost at Bentley's was estimated to be at around £1,000.economic changes at the turn of this decade were not conducive to the success of a car of this character and price. Though its undoubted virtues helped to stave off its ultimate demise, its virtues alone could not save the company.